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Within the framework of the project Concrete actions for maintaining wolves wild in anthropogenic landscapes of Europe “101074417 LIFE21NAT-IT-WILD WOLF”, co-funded by the European Commission, with 18 beneficiaries, Work Package 5 (WP5) includes the communication and stakeholder involvement.

The objective is to get a better understanding of public perceptions and expectations, involve stakeholders to help guide the overall process of project implementation in order to improve coexistence between people and large carnivores.

Within Work Package 5 we expect to achieve the following overall results:

  • Engage local stakeholders in participatory processes to gather and elaborate upon stakeholder input during the project and stimulate joint action and theco-production of new proposals in the long-term.

LWW project WP5/T5.3 on engaging local stakeholders is co-financed with the grant „ Support for Coexistence with Large Carnivores” (Tender reference number: ENV/2023/OP/0019).


Project: LIFE21-NAT-IT-LIFE WILD WOLF/101074417 Concrete actions for maintaining wolves wild in anthropogenic landscapes of Europe

Title: Facilitator

Contract Type: Individual Contract (IC)

Duty Station: Home-based

Duration of Assignment: from 2/2024 to 8/2027

The project is looking for a consultant to undertake the role of a facilitator within WP5. In particular, the following the activities will be needed in order to achieve the foreseen objectives:

T5.3 Participatory meetings with stakeholders

Support the Croatina partners of LWW project in promoting dialogue with and among stakeholders in Dalmatia, Croatia.


  • Internal reports
  • Contribution to project reports



The professional facilitator must have at least 5 years of experience in moderating and facilitating dialogue among different parties, advantage is experience related to the large carnivores topics.

The professional facilitator is required to have theoretical background on conflict management approaches; practical experience in conflict management would be an asset.

The professional facilitator is required to work independently, but in collaboration with the project partners in Croatia and Project coordinator (EIA), which include a project contact person to overlook the whole process, and in the link with the (local) authorities.

Fluent in Croatian and English (spoken and written)


  • Attend coordination meetings (in person and remotely) with project responsible and coordination team (including a local contact person).
  • Prepare for background situation and develop in collaboration with project coordinators adapted facilitation schemes for workshops; prepare Case study portfolio (geography, demographics, social characteristics) with support of LWW team who have collected data in the field through direct interviews.
  • Organise and manage up to 12 stakeholder workshops in Dalmatia (including logistics) with local stakeholders identified by the project coordinators.
  • Report every workshop and provide suggestions for future activities (short version in Croatian and integral version in English).žUse own material for running workshops.
  • Produce a final report of activities and the process (short version in Croatian and integral version in English); report best practice of the process.
  • Attend networking meetings with facilitators from other similar processes coordinated by the project team at European level. When such meetings will be in person outside the home town, the travel costs will be covered by the project with additional funds.


To apply:

The applicants must send the CV (in English and Croatian) to the Croatian Hunting Association: by 06/2/2024

For more information please contact: moc.liamgobfsctd@erutan4aerdna

The offer will be evaluated on a best value for money basis (technical and financial values).